All TS elements which have an exact counterpart in the SPM will be updated to exactly reflect any changes made to the SPM. All other TS elements will be carefully considered and updated as necessary to ensure consistency with the approved SPM.


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Summary for Policymakers
(Approved and accepted by the IPCC Panel on 12 April 2014)

Technical Summary
1 Introductory Chapter
2 Integrated Risk and Uncertainty Assessment of Climate Change Response Policies
3 Social, Economic and Ethical Concepts and Methods
4 Sustainable Development and Equity
5 Drivers, Trends and Mitigation
6 Assessing Transformation Pathways
7 Energy Systems
8 Transport
9 Buildings
10 Industry
11 Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU)
12 Human Settlements, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning
13 International Cooperation: Agreements and Instruments
14 Regional Development and Cooperation
15 National and Sub-National Policies and Institutions
16 Cross-cutting Investment and Finance Issues
Annex I: Glossary
Annex II: Metrics and Methodology
Annex III: Technology-specific cost and performance parameters


The Final Draft as distributed to governments on 17 December 2013 is available here.

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