IPCC WGIII Fifth Assessment Report - Mitigation of Climate Change 2014 http://mitigation2014.org Geneva, Switzerland: IPCC side event to the WMO Executive Council sixty-sixth session (EC-66) http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/ipcc-side-event-to-the-wmo-executive-council-sixty-sixth-session-ec-66 Highlights of the IPCC AR5 Working Groups’ reports 2014-06-12T14:03:56Z Event Geneva, Switzerland: Geneva Environment Network (GEN) event http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/geneva-environment-network-gen-event Presentation of the IPCC WGII & III Contributions to the Fifth Assessment Report 2014-06-12T14:03:34Z Event Kiel, Germany: IfW Centenary Conference http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/ifw-centenary-conference “Fair and Sustainable Prosperity in the Global Economy” 2014-06-26T12:26:52Z Event Bonn, Germany: UNFCCC SBSTA40 - The third meeting of the structured expert dialogue on the 2013-2015 review (SED3) http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/unfccc-sbsta40-the-third-meeting-of-the-structured-expert-dialogue-on-the-2013-2015-review-sed3 2014-06-26T14:02:04Z Event Bonn, Germany: SBSTA - IPCC Special Event: Common metrics to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalence of greenhouse gasses http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/bonn-germany-sbsta-ipcc-special-event-common-metrics-to-calculate-the-carbon-dioxide-equivalence-of-greenhouse-gasses The SBSTA 36 (May 2012) noted that common metrics are being assessed by the IPCC in the context of its work on the Fifth Assessment Report and acknowledged the relevance of common metrics to climate change policy. 2014-06-12T14:12:32Z Event Bonn, Germany: UNFCCC SBSTA40 - IPCC Special Event on WGIII contribution to AR5 http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/sbsta40-ipcc-special-event-on-wgiii-contribution-to-ar5 2014-06-26T13:03:03Z Event Washington D.C., USA: How Climate Change Affects our Mission: The New IPCC Report http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/how-climate-change-affects-our-mission-the-new-ipcc-report The world's top scientists conclude in the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that much needs to be done to prepare our client countries for climate change risks, and this will requiere to move development strategies away from business as usual. 2014-06-26T11:56:45Z Event Bonn, Germany: The latest assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Summarizing health implications for environment and health professionals http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/the-latest-assessment-report-of-the-intergovernmental-panel-on-climate-change-ipcc-summarizing-health-implications-for-environment-and-health-professionals The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate change (IPCC) has launched its new assessment reports not only dealing with health in a health chapter, but also referring to health, human security and wellbeing, mitigation and adaptation. 2014-06-26T13:20:13Z Event Oslo, Norway: IPCC WG II and III outreach event in Norway http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/ipcc-wg-ii-and-iii-outreach-event-in-norway Vulnerability, risk and solutions: On the inside of IPCC reports 2014-05-20T15:01:47Z Event Exeter, UK: Transformational Climate Science 2014 http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/transformational-climate-science-2014 The world’s top climate change experts are meeting in Exeter this May to present and critically reflect on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). 2014-06-26T12:28:34Z Event Brussels, Belgium: Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation: key messages from IPCC's 5th Assessment Report and Implications for Policy and Decision Making http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/climate-change-adaptation-mitigation-key-messages-from-ipccs-5th-assessment-report-and-implications-for-policy-and-decision-making The European Commission (Directorate-General for Research & Innovation) is organising this half day event which brings together policy makers, key stakeholders from the private sector, civil society representatives, scientists, advisors and high level representatives from the IPCC in order to present the key findings of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5) on climate change adaptation and mitigation, discuss their implications for policy making and for economic and societal sectors, while identifying challenges and opportunities for the future. 2014-06-26T12:30:52Z Event London, UK: The Climate Group’s 10th anniversary event - Low Carbon Growth and Opportunity: Paris and Beyond http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/the-climate-group2019s-10th-anniversary-event-low-carbon-growth-and-opportunity-paris-and-beyond The Climate Group was launched 10 years ago in London in April 2004. With the support of an array of business and world leaders, it set out to champion the powerful business case for a thriving low carbon economy that cuts emissions and delivers growth and prosperity. 2014-06-12T14:04:41Z Event Vienna, Austria: Bericht des Weltklimarats IPCC 2014 - Launch Event of the Austrian Government http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/diskussionsforum-zum-ipcc-bericht-2014 Vorstellung der Berichte: Arbeitsgruppe II "Folgen des Klimawandels, Anpassung und Verwundbarkeit" und Arbeitsgruppe III "Verminderung des Klimawandels" 2014-04-30T12:08:15Z Event Zurich, Switzerland: Auswirkungen des Klimawandels und Klimapolitik: Ergebnisse des 5. IPCC Berichts http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/auswirkungen-des-klimawandels-und-klimapolitik-ergebnisse-des-5-ipcc-berichts Schlüsselergebnisse der Arbeitsgruppe II und III des Weltklimarats IPCC. "Auswirkungen, Anpassung, Verwundbarkeiten" sowie "Verminderung des Klimawandels" 2014-04-30T12:07:14Z Event Webinar: World Business Council for Sustainable Development Meeting http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/world-business-council-for-sustainable-development-meeting Video Conference 2014-04-30T12:06:24Z Event London, UK: IPCC WGII & WGIII UK launch Event http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/ipcc-wg2-wg3-uk-launch-event 2014-06-26T12:35:02Z Event Berlin, Germany: Science & Policy: Exploring Climate Solutions http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/science-policy-exploring-climate-solutions The official presentation of the Working Group III's contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2014-04-30T11:39:32Z Event Berlin, Germany: IPCC WGIII SPM Release / Press Conference http://mitigation2014.org/communication/presentations-events/ipcc-wgiii-spm-release-press-conference 2014-04-30T12:05:52Z Event